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How does the world view horse racing outside of Australia?
With ambitions of entering the UK market NewsPerform partnered with The Sun to create Sun Racing. This sparked the need for new stand alone apps (Android and iOS) and the integration of new features into the existing sports section of The Sun website. As the design lead, I worked closely with product leads, business analysts and executives from beginning through to completion of the project. This included early research, prototyping and user testing through to the handover of high fidelity visual designs and the overseeing of the development stages.
Improving an already popular feature.
One of the bigger selling points of this app is the predictor plus feature. The predictor allows the user to choose from individual form factors that matter the most to them. By interacting with the settings, the user is provided a visual guide to how the race is likely to play out.
Keeping users within the app.
Through analytics it was clear that users were visiting the app, doing their form analysis, then leaving to place their bets from a bookmakers app. To streamline this process, a quick-bet functionality was implemented with the aim of keeping users within the app for the full cycle of their betting experience.
Working with an established news website.
Working closely with the news team in the UK, new components were designed to be easily placed within the existing website template.

User Research
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Visual & Interaction

iOS, Android
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