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How do you improve Australia's number one horse racing form guide?
In 2015 Punters was known as the most innovative horse racing product in Australia. By 2019, though it had recieved many new features, the experience had become disjointed, overly complex and dated. I lead the team on a redesign project that aimed to optimise and simplify the experience of the form section. Catering for both the first time user and the seasoned profesional.
Keeping it mobile.
Whether it's down at the track or at the pub, people watch racing on the go. This design is built to be responsive, keeping everything predictable and everyone moving.
Flexibilty in the experience.
Through user testing it became apparent that not everyone uses the form section in the same way. To reduce cognitive load for new users but still offer in depth analysis to the seasoned pro, we developed a highly optimised user interface that allows the user to tailor it towards their own needs.

User Research
& Design

Visual & Interaction