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How do we improve the IA of an ever-growing app?
With the inclusion of new features and a roadmap planned to deliver more, the Punters app needed a structural rethink. The landing screen had become a dumping ground for out of context features that over complicated the user experience. My role as the lead designer was to deep dive into how people use the Punters app and aim to impove the information architecture for current and future iterations.
A focus on what the user really wants.
Analytics showed that 58% of users enter through the form guide screen then funnel through to the racing form. With this in mind, it made sense to design the form guide to be as functional as possible. To improve functionality a new timeline component was designed to be less complex, but more informative and speed up the user flow.
Inroducing the more tab.
Simple, but effective. The introduction of a more tab allows for a flexible IA. Based on analytics, the lesser used features have been ordered in the more tab with space to grow with future iterations.

Research & Design

Visual & Interaction